Improve Compilation Speed with CCACHE

We are currently used to scripting programming languages ​​such as python, php, javascript where the compilation process does not exist or is at least transparent to the developer, or other languages ​​such as java or the .NET architecture where the compiled code is an intermediate language and not a real binary file.

SAManager First Release

I am pleased to present the first release of SAManager v0.0.1 (Store API Manager) for Prestashop.

SAManager is a cross-platform desktop software created with wxWidgets for remote management of online stores. In its first version, it offers an intuitive graphical interface that facilitates the editing of products and categories for the well-known Prestashop e-commerce platform.

At the moment it is only available for Linux download in AppImage format from this page at:


Rsync, The Best Linux Backup Tool

What are the properties that we can expect from a backup system?

  • Local and remote copies.
  • Incremental backups.
  • Complete backups.
  • Low bandwidth in case of remote copies.
  • Backups easy to restore.
  • Backups for Windows (Deltacopy) and Linux systems.

"Rsync" tool is the Swiss army knife that will allow us to do all of these tasks effortlessly, simply by digging into its syntax a little bit.