Security vs Usability

2 factor authentication

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We spend the day in front of our computers, tablets and mobile phones; We manage our bank accounts, payments, electricity and telephone bills through the Apps. Companies no longer use paper documentation and we are forced to print the documents when we need them.

Technification is fast, comfortable and above all profitable for companies that manage to save on paperwork. In return, we expose ourselves to security issues where our most valuable information can be compromised. As malicious hackers' techniques become more refined and cunning, protection measures need to be improved as well. But how much?

I am regular user of Online Banking, Paypal and as a developer also of other platforms such as GitHub. Many of them have already implemented or will shortly implement 2-step authentication (2FA) which basically consists in that every time you want to use your account, they send you a SMS / Message to your mobile with a code that you have to introduce along with your usual passwords.

Without going any further this week I had to validate a payment in the bank and in Paypal, for this purpose I received the SMS from the bank, the SMS from Paypal and after several expired sessions another 4 SMS from Paypal to enter again.

I am a lover of technology, programming and I like gadgets like the most, but as a user I cannot stop thinking about all the time lost by cumbersome security measures.

Are all these security measures justified ... I don't know ... what do you think?